Launch: Tempered Excitement

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  • October 16, 2008

A word about launching the church 

Part of us cant wait for the day when we go public and start worship services.  We get excited just thinking about it.  Over the course of time, we anticipate that the community that is being formed here will really yearn to worship together  and thats a good thing.  But it is a tempered excitement.  Our goal is not to get to a worship service and feel like weve arrived or accomplished our mission. Everything were about, what were doing here, what were trying to accomplish is not about getting to worship on Sunday mornings.  Thats important and that will be a big part of what were about, but thats not the end.  Thats just a means to the end.  Our goal is to reach Philadelphia with the Gospel, and to see people and our city transformed.  And so a service is just a vehicle to get us there. 

So we will spend a season together  of growing in gospel, mission, and community.  Were going to spend a season getting on the same page in terms of vision, and talking about our values, and putting flesh to those values.  Were going to spend a season really embedding the DNA of this church. 

Further, there will be several milestones we want to hit before we get to Launch.  Some will be practical things like  do we have enough people, enough momentum, enough servants who can serve the Church in different ways, enough money, a space to worship, etc.  But we also have bigger picture milestones.  For example, have we as a group established relationships, cultivated relationships, formed friendships with 75 to 100 people in our city who dont know Jesus?  Are we in the lives of people in Philadelphia in meaningful ways?  We dont want to launch the church only to turn inwards and go into maintenance mode, but rather want to ensure that we are starting missionally. 

Our thinking is we dont want to delay in such a way that we lose momentum or lose the ripeness of the moment.  But nor do we want to rush there in such a way that were a little immature, arent ready to pull it off, and our viability is short-lived.  

So well get there when God wants us to get there.

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Ajay lives in Philadelphia with his wife Shainu and their kids Hannah and Micah. He is responsible for preaching and vision as a pastor at Seven Mile Road.

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