Reflecting on Soul Care (part 3)

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  • October 08, 2009

Read another reflection by one of the participants of our first Soul Care Community. We’re getting ready to launch three Soul Care Communities in November. If you’re at Seven Mile Road, get ready to jump in. The following is written by Asha George.

At times, church on Sundays can seem to go by quickly and the with so many people to meet/greet it’s difficult to engage in deeper conversations…this is where I see Soul Care playing a great part of being an extension of church.

Soul care has been a great blessing. I remember when we started off we were told to draw out time lines of our lives. Each week a few of us would get to share our life story. At first I was thinking to myself ok it’s just a bunch of Christians about to share the same old story….but that’s the best part, as each person shared I started thinking “tell me the old old story of Jesus and His love…” I can’t tell you how amazed I was to hear of God’s love and faithfulness in everyone’s lives.

Later on we started to split the evening in two parts. One part is where the men and women who have gathered take time to reflect on the last sermon preached at church. I like being able to review and have scripture passages really sink in the second time around. The second part is where men and women split up, it helps create a little bit more of a comfortable environment for us to be able to talk. It’s been neat to see how each individual in the group has opened up and let their lives become transparent. By God’s Grace this soul care has fostered a safe environment for me to be honest about my life, to share the good the bad and everything in between.  Soul care is certainly something I look forward to each week. I’m blessed to know there’s a group of people ready to pray for me, encourage me, and challenge me to grow in faith.

I’m hopeful to see people from different walks of life plugging in to Soul Care at Seven Mile. The great thing about this is whether you have believed in Jesus for as long as you can remember or if you don’t know about Jesus, Soul care is just another place to keep learning about him and His radical love.

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