Frequency Conference 2010

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  • April 08, 2010


Epiphany Fellowship, one of the churches in the Acts 29 Network here in Philadelphia is hosting a one-day conference called Frequency this Saturday. You can find more information on their website. I mention it because the guys leading it are solid and the breakout sessions (below) look extremely practical and could be a huge help to many of us as we seek to engage the Scriptures rightly.

Breakout Sessions will discuss:

Christ in the Pentateuch
Jesus was at work before his virgin birth and this session will give you a better perspective of who he is by going beyond the Gospels and into the first five books of the bible. Join us as we travel together through Moses’ use of types and shadows to point to Christ.

Christ in the Gospels
The Gospels work together to paint a picture of who Jesus is. This session will help you put these pieces together to see a glorified King, Priest, Prophet, and Messiah. We will be exploring the synoptic gospels to gain a better understanding of Jesus’ work and character while on earth.

Basic Hermeneutics

Hermeneutics is not a common word we hear everyday, and can be intimidating. However it is simply the art of interpreting the author’s intended meaning and applying it in proper context. The session will introduce several ways to guide you through the process of learning how to purposefully read the bible while using proper exegesis, exploring different types of literature, and seeing historical framework.

Bible Study Methods
In this session, we will learn how to walk through the nuts and bolts of how to study the Bible effectively. Be prepared to explore several methods and tools that will elevate your personal study pass the surface level into a deeper understanding of the Bible.

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