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  • June 02, 2010

In the month of June, we’ll be highlighting some of the missional works that the Lord has connected Seven Mile Road to. It will be a beautiful month of seeing and celebrating how God has called ordinary people in our church to be on mission with Him. We kick it off this week by hearing the work that God is doing through Bombay Teen Challenge. The following is a post by Jim Varghese.

The Lord allowed us to see some powerful things during the two years we spent in India. We drove through streets and entered places where young girls were forced to surrender their bodies to satisfy the pleasures of anonymous men. We also saw what it looked like when God’s people would get involved in attacking these evils. I will never forget coming to the Ashagram village of Bombay Teen Challenge and seeing men and women that had been rescued from these places worshipping and praising the living God. What a picture of redemption!

It has been such an encouragement to see brothers and sisters from SMR begin to partner with us in the work of Bombay Teen Challenge.  I had been praying that the Lord would bring such people alongside and it’s amazing to see Him answer this prayer.

This week, one of the sisters of Bombay Teen Challenge will be with us and will share her life story. It is just an amazing picture of how the Lord redeems and makes new again. Anita is her name and she was forced into this horrible act at the age of 19 and later became a brothel owner herself having twelve girls working for her.  I pray that you will be blessed in hearing how the Lord brought her out of this and is now using her for His work.

My hope is that the Lord will sensitize our hearts to the suffering that is going on in this world and give us hearts of compassion to be involved in His amazing work of redemption.

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