Songs for this Sunday

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  • April 20, 2011

Seven Mile Road, we’ll be singing two new songs on Sunday as we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ. To help you come ready to join us in our song response during corporate worship, the songs for this week are listed below as well as links for you to hear the audio and read the lyrics. Let’s gather this week ready to “Come into his presence with singing!” (Ps. 100:2)

Call to Worship: You are Our Hope /Lyrics

Confession & Pardon: All I Have is Christ / Lyrics

Communion: Mystery / Lyrics

Response: I Will Rise / Lyrics  &  Christ is Risen / Lyrics  &  You are Our Hope /Lyrics

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Ajay lives in Philadelphia with his wife Shainu and their kids Hannah and Micah. He is responsible for preaching and vision as a pastor at Seven Mile Road.

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