Three Highlights from the Summer of 2011: Part 3

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  • September 28, 2011

In August, we had our third annual Community Bash. With all the other things going on this summer, I feared we were just winging it and might be better off canning the event. I was wrong. Joyfully. Here’s a few reasons why:

God heard our prayer. For some reason, it never dawned on us to pray and ask God to connect some people to our church through the event. This year, we did. And the day after our Bash, three different sets of folks showed up to service.

Our neighbors came. We had a bunch of families who came last year come again. We had others who responded to our hand-delivered invitations. We had others who we have been cultivating relationships with come just to show their support. I don’t know if we have a reputation at all in the neighborhood yet, but if we do, I think it leans positive. That’s a win.

Our people owned the event. For the last two years, Charley and Shibu have run the whole thing. And each time, their leadership has only gotten better. I was gone on vacation for two weeks leading up to the event. I basically just had to show up and everything that needed to be done already was.

Mission stayed on our mind. This summer, we have devoted much time, energy, and money to fixing up our place. I know that this is a short-term, temporary, one-summer, deal. Yet as a church that is barely two years old, the last thing that would be healthy for us is to drift from mission to focus on a building. Now the building is a servant to the mission. The hope is to have a space from which we can do mission. So, I’m trying to see this time like a young couple fixing up a house so they can grow a family. In the long run, building the house is important for building the home. Anyway, it was refreshing and good to see our people give time, energy, and effort into a day that had nothing to do with us, but was outward focused, onto the community that God has called us to. It’s a tiny step, but it’s in the direction we want to walk in.

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