Moms, Kids, and Quiet Time

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  • December 08, 2011

Our SoulCare Community had a great conversation last night around the Sabbath and what it looked like to find space for quiet, solitude, and God-ward rest in the midst of a busy life. A mom in the group humorously (and honestly) lamented that between watching the kids, and managing the house, the few minutes of folding the laundry is about the only time you’ll get for quiet, sanity, and pause.

In God’s good timing, here’s an article today about finding quiet in a mother’s life that’s far from quiet. Seven Mile Moms, read it, press on, and be encouraged.

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Ajay lives in Philadelphia with his wife Shainu and their kids Hannah and Micah. He is responsible for preaching and vision as a pastor at Seven Mile Road.

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