A Father to the Fatherless and a Defender of Widows

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  • February 27, 2012

“A Father to the fatherless and a defender of widows…” Psalm 68:5

By Jim Varghese: This must be one of my favorite verses as it describes our Lord. I remember this verse often, when I am with my boys and especially when we are in Bombay with those at Bombay Teen Challenge. Over the past five years, as Leena and I listen to our loved ones at BTC telling their stories, I am reminded again and again how precious they are to the great Redeemer and because they are precious to Him, they are precious to us also.

The last ten days were special for us, for our brothers and sisters on this side of the world got to meet our brothers and sisters on the other side. Every day, Leena and I would be constantly checking facebook to see if the posts were up. It even got Leena to figure out how to log on to facebook! The reports filled us with great joy, we had been talking about all that has been going on in Mumbai for a while and to see the church being able to see it firsthand was indescribable.

I guess it may seem a bit inappropriate to write about such great joy when talking about the subject of human trafficking.  Over the last ten days, our doctors, nurses, and IT folks spent days in streets filled with brothels where by some estimate, over 100,000 women and young children live and are forced into a life of sexual exploitations. But in the midst of this, there is reason to have joy. Joy because I know the great King is at work, He is in the work of destroying this evil, rescuing and redeeming lives, and transforming a city in the process. I don’t just say it but I really do believe it.

We believe it so much that, Leena, I, and our three boys will be packing our stuff, selling our goods, and moving to Mumbai to be a part of this work.

And we know that we will be a part of something amazing that the Lord is doing, not based on any of our great skills, but simply on His power. Some time ago, I was talking to Devaraj uncle (the founder of BTC) and expressing my fears and concerns, telling him that I didn’t think I had much to offer.  In response, he said, “You do know that even if David while running to throw the stone at Goliath tripped, fell backwards and the stone flew in the wrong direction, that stone would still have hit Goliath right between the eyes. And the great Goliath would have still been defeated. Because at the end of the day, it is the Lord that brings victory.”

So we are going with great confidence that our King has already shed tears for these widows and orphans before they were a thought on our minds. And He has worked out a plan of rescue while we were still in bondage ourselves.

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