BTC Mission Trip: A Reflection

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  • February 19, 2012

By Shainu Thomas: From the beginning of our trip I’ve been trying to think of topics I can blog about. I’ve thought of many things to write about. I’ve thought about writing about the unsung heroes who are involved with Bombay Teen Challenge – the staff workers who spend countless hours, serving and ministering to the needs of many women, young men and children. I’ve thought about writing about an amazing worship experience in the heart of the Red Light district- about worshipping with women and children who have been rescued out of bondage – our object of worship being a GREAT God who has delivered us all out of slavery into His freedom through Jesus. And the list of topics goes on.

I finally decided to write about an experience I had the first day we spent at the New Bombay medical clinic.  After we were done with the clinic, the BTC workers were starting to pack up so that we could leave for the day. Some of us were sitting outside and we chatted with a few young children. They asked one of team members (Jilu) if they could sing a song for her. She was delighted to listen to them. And then they kept singing song after song about Jesus. At one point, I joined in and asked them if they would like to learn a new song. They seemed so excited to learn and so I taught them a new song. They hung around for a bit longer and asked me a bunch of questions. Then, they went back to playing. I watched them as they played and I was so overcome with emotion. I cried silently for them.  In a few minutes they ran back to me. I tried to quickly wipe my tears away so they wouldn’t notice. But, one little girl did. She asked me, “Teacher, why are you crying?” I denied I was crying because I didn’t know what to say. She said, “No, you are crying, why are you crying?” I then replied, “It’s because I am so happy to see all of you.” She accepted the answer and ran back to her friends.

I didn’t know how to tell her that I was indeed happy to see them, but on the inside, my heart was breaking for them.  It would soon be dark and I wondered what the rest of their evening would be like. Would they be wandering the streets, or hiding under a bed while their Mom worked in this horrible place?  Would these little girls, who were about 6 or 7 years old, soon be forced into the same horror one day? Would their innocence be wiped away by the evil that surrounded them?

I was left to do the only thing I could do for them. I prayed. Lord, you have rescued many little girls and boys through Bombay Teen Challenge, but so many more remain on the streets and in these alleys of darkness.  You alone are able to rescue them.  You alone can give them new life. Rescue each one of these children so that they may experience the joy that you alone can bring to them. Set them free.

I just met these children and they touched my heart. I know that they have been on God’s heart before they were born and He alone will stay with them. He is a GOOD God and I can leave this place knowing just that.

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