BTC Mission Trip: A Reflection

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  • February 18, 2012

By Vickie Osborne: “In His presence is fullness of joy.”- Psalms 16:11. Walk down the streets of the Red Light District and you’ll see women beckoning men in. What happens next, you already know. The story continues with violence, abuse, and rape with children playing around it. Sometimes (many times) children ARE the victims themselves. Souls are tortured here and hope is lost. Sadness floods their face and drips into their steps. There is no life here and I can feel the heart of God cry.

Meet K.K. Devaraj and you’ll see the hands and feet of Jesus. His faithfulness to the calling of God has allowed people on those streets take a different road. His smile that lights up the room stirs curiosity in these people to know who Jesus is. I paused and thought to myself, are we as Christians showing this kind of smile, love, and joy that makes others want to know about Christ. Are we so stressed in our own lives that we never step out of our own world and step into theirs?

Look at these same streets in the Red Light District and know Bombay Teen Challenge has created holes in those areas by rescuing numerous of women and children. Now they reside in safe quarters, immersed in education, and falling in love with Jesus, Now life is restored, sobs of tears are filled with laughter, beds are now used for just rest, and joy fills the air. “In His presence is fullness of joy.”

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