BTC Mission Trip: Day 4

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  • February 16, 2012

By Jenson Abraham: Day four was a day of travel, starting out at 8:00am from the YMCA to Badlapur. We decided  to go with some spontaneity and took our picture in action at the Y.

The previous night had ended with quite a bang with us leaving Jeevan Jyothi(meaning- Light of Life) at 9 pm and a late dinner. I had passed out after thinking about how much the children loved and gave having so little, at least by world standards. Here is a picture of the children who gave me three toys from the little they have for my kids. They then wrote their names on the back and that they love us and will miss us.

The bus ride was a little bumpy in the back and we switched our seats around for a little bonding and sharing. I spoke with Sandeep, one of the BTC boys who explained how God moved in His life and his passion for sharing Christ with those who have no hope. We reached Badlapur at 10:30 and stopped at Jubilee Home 1 where there were older girls, some who went to college, others who were home schooled. They greeted us and warmed up to us quickly. They made time to talk to us even though they had class in half an hour. There was a group of girls who sang and then danced for us as well.

We then moved to Jubilee home # 4 where the children there were also just about to go to school. The floor and home was immaculately clean. They also had the biggest generator I had ever seen outside the Home(there are frequent power outages in these parts). We all played with the children who were  younger with an age range of 4 to even 18. There were 18 children infected and living with HIV. They were so joyful and just loved the candy we had for them, especially the lollipops. Matt was nicknamed ‘Candy Uncle’ and had kids playing and jumping on him. There was even some confusion the kids had between Josh and Matt. Hmmmm. I wonder why:)  We finished there with throwing the kids up in  the air and catching them, which they loved and kept wanting more.

Our next stop was  Ashagram and it was better than we expected.  It is a 70 acre property and being hilly we couldn’t even see the end of it! There were many buildings of stone, looking solid and we started out with the Dining Hall. The Chappatis/Rotis were excellent. Everyone was so gracious and welcoming. We started our EMR clinic and with a few minor hiccups got it running and it was a resounding success. Dr. Prashanth familiarized himself with it and felt that it could indeed help him and the patients. Prior to starting the clinic we settled with putting our bags in and we decided the ‘Snorers’ should have the opportunity to share the room.

After our EMR clinic we spent time talking with older boys while Winson and Kosj was setting up EMR for tomorrow. I spoke to this boy who had skipped a week of HIV medication after being depressed regarding his studies. We spoke for a while and prayed and I encouraged him to keep the faith and stay strong. It was such a blessing to be able to pray for and encourage him. They are so warm and genuine and I could see some of myself and the stress that a boy goes through at that age with school and college.

We ended the night with the idea to take a picture of our fellow brothers’ room with a sign:)

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