Elder Track: Joe Thottukadavil

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  • February 03, 2012

Ever since I was saved I’ve felt a strong calling on my life to share the gospel with kids. I felt like nobody came and shared the gospel with me in my youth. A thought popped into my head, “What if I can be a voice that shared the gospel that I never heard in my youth. They wouldn’t waste their childhood like I did, but they would know and live for Him from their youth.” God planted that seed and started me down this road of wanting to pastor youth. I want to be a part of seeing the kids of Seven Mile know and love God from their own beating hearts.

I know I want to pastor youth…that is clear…but our church is not necessarily busting with youth. To that end Ajay asked me this question, “does God want to grow our youth missionally, or wait until our kids grow, all the while actively walking alongside them on the seven mile road?” The answer is yes, it’s both. In the meantime, I will fill whatever needs filling, do whatever needs doing so that the gospel is preached, taught, proclaimed here in the Northeast. I would love to come alongside all the pastor track guys and learn in the trenches, explore an interest in counseling, love the people, and shoulder a little of the load with Ajay as we lean on Christ.

My hope for this season is that I get to know the guys as well as them getting to know me. I’m hoping to figure out whether or not God is calling me to Seven Mile as a pastor. I’m hoping to build a stronger theology by just hanging around and talking to the pastor track guys.

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