Pictures from Bombay: Day 1

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  • February 12, 2012

Here’s Josh Cherian’s Facebook status today:

We ended our first full day in Mumbai by walking through the red light district. All around us we saw homes with rags for roofs, young women working the streets and the scumbag men pimping them out. A dark reality. The walk ended with a stop at Bombay Teen Challenge’s orphanage right in the same area, where we met about 40 kids (ages 4 to 12) who were once abandoned on those very streets. But despite their circumstance, we saw hope in their hearts and smiles on their faces as we prayed and sang with them to Jesus. What stark contrast – from such darkness there stands such brilliant light. Indeed the Bible speaks truth when it says, “… we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all men, and especially of those who believe.”
And here are some pictures that Josh sent today from the team’s first day in Bombay.

A view of Mumbai’s smoggy skyline in the morning from Winson’s room.

On the way to Metro Church in Mumbai

A child walking down a street alone.

Raj (one of the staff at BTC) bought four bananas for him and me. A Muslim woman and her son came up to him and the boy asked for some food, so Raj gave him two bananas. The boy looked up at me and gave this priceless expression as he walked away.

The men from the team took a walk with BTC staff through the Red Light District. We stopped by the Jeevan Joti center, which is an orphanage run by BTC. Here these young boys and girls ran to us with such joy. We got to meet them, pray with them and worship with them. This is a photo of them singing worship songs.

As we ended, we prayed over the the children…and then one of the BTC staff members asked if they would pray for us (and tomorrow’s medical camp). Sure enough this girl came and prayed such a confident prayer to her Father. So awesome.

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