Brothers Be Strong In Christ

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  • March 30, 2012

Seven Mile Road, the following is a letter sent from Chris Perkins to the men of his Soul Care Community. He gave me permission to share this with you. Be encouraged by what God is wanting to do among us in these days and pray 1 Corinthians 16:13 for our men.

Men of our Soulcare,

I really enjoyed our discussion yesterday despite how challenging the subject matter was. I hope we can really dig in some more next week, and I encourage all of you not to hold back in being vulnerable and in challenging each other directly.

This is the article I mentioned in Soul Care this week. I read this on the heels of Ajay’s sermon, Mon/Tues and it struck me as powerfully accurate. If this does not echo in your own life on some level, it at least speaks to the culture we stand in the midst of.

The Sorry Lives and Confusing Times of Today’s Young Men: This is the link to the beginning of the article, but as you’ll see at the bottom there are 5 more riveting pages.

The end of the article leaves you with a statement of a professional who is often asked how to help these men, now in their 30s, who are lost. He says by that age, he has nothing to offer. Nothing. This is exactly where Ajay’s sermon fits in: Repent and stand in God’s grace and share this gospel that can set men free. We see it in how David reacted at the end of Psalm 51. If we cannot experience this freedom in Christ, and if we cannot distinguish ourselves from the men in this article, and if we cannot offer this to the enslaved men who seek God at our church, or the other men we may encounter throughout the world or throughout our day… Then we might as well all pack up and go home, put our Bible’s back on the shelf and give Scientology a try. Christ is nothing if not the freedom from this very problem.

Brothers be strong in Christ and have faith in his redemption!


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