Preparing for SMR Gathered February 10, 2013

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  • February 07, 2013


Starting this week, we’ll be posting a weekly blog to help us prepare for our Sunday gathering. In gathering weekly for corporate worship, there is a lot to take in and process on any given Sunday: coming before God, singing songs, life and faith confessions, giving, prayer, a sermon, communion, and more songs. As we prepare for what’s coming each Sunday through these blogs, our hope is that we can be fully engaged, heart and mind, so our souls would benefit and God glorified as we worship him together.

Last week we started a new sermon series on 1 Timothy titled, “What Is A Healthy Church?” Hear the audio here from the first sermon. As we considered this letter written to young Timothy by his spiritual mentor, Paul, we took a look at the Ephesian church where Timothy was now pastoring. The once thriving Ephesian church, full of gospel fruit, was now in shambles. Pauls sends Timothy to this mess of a church to repair the damage, restore beauty, and make Ephesus a healthy church.

This week we’re in 1 Timothy 1:3-11. Paul had warned that wolves were coming into the church plant at Ephesus and this comes to pass. Repairing the damage will mean silencing the wolves and getting back to the gospel – something Paul will beautifully do even through his own story. Here’s our setlist and links to audio:

See you on Sunday.

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