By Name: Pursue As I Was Pursued

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  • March 18, 2013

The following entry is written by Princy Mathew:


I am used to change. I actually like change. (I am one of those people who likes to change furniture layout in our living room every couple of weeks.) However, praying for Iris (real name changed) by name has been difficult for me; this has required for me to change my natural ways. I’ve needed to become intentional about praying for her and sharing in her life. So, I’ve called her more often, I’ve stayed back to talk with her when I normally wouldn’t have done so. These intentional actions and prayers have allowed me to take part in the joys of her life, the disappointments and fears in her heart. Somewhere along the way, and this did not take long, her life began intertwining with mine. Nowadays, I rejoice with her, I mourn with her, and I worry about her.

BUT there is a problem…see, I am very busy, with many others to worry about, and lots of things to do; adding Iris to my already overflowing life is causing somewhat of a burden to me. I have one more person to be concerned about, one more person who might rely on me and might need me. You know what though, I am so THANKFUL for this burden and for Iris. In praying for her by name, in intentionally caring for her, I see how wonderfully God cares for me. In pursuing Iris, I see how relentless God is in pursuing me everyday and how patient and loving He is towards me. I cannot stop praying for Iris, no matter how heavy the burden, because God, even though He had nothing to gain, pursued me and saved me from the horrible guilt and shame I deserved.

How else can I respond to the grace shown to me by God, but to pray for Iris by name and ask God to reveal himself to her too?

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