From Hearers to Doers: Building a Missional Family

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  • July 08, 2013

We were grateful to have Pastor Reid Monaghan of Jacob’s Well (N.J.) preach God’s Word to us on Sunday. Pastor Reid spoke from Luke 12:22-34, challenging us to see that God created families not to be insular and self-seeking, but centered on King Jesus and His mission.

Such living doesn’t come naturally. There are millions of things in life competing for our attention and affection. We easily give ourselves to lesser things – careers, wealth, education, etc. Only the gospel can lead our families to see Jesus and His mission as being preeminent.

The following articles are written by the Verge Network and help us to consider how to build families that put first things first:

Building a Missional Marriage:

  1. The Importance of the Gospel for a Missional Marriage
  2. How Marriage Is A Unique Forum For Mission
  3. How the Great Commission Affects Your Marriage
  4. Has The Great Commission Lost It’s Meaning In Our Families & Culture?

Raising Missional Children:

  1. How To Disciple Children For Mission
  2. How To Raise Kingdom Minded Children
  3. How To Include Kids in Missional Living
  4. How To Disciple Kids In Missional CommunitiesPart 1  |  Part 2  |  Part 3
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