Faith in Distress

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  • March 13, 2014

Simply put, this season of life has been trying. I have despaired more than I have rejoiced. God has seemed more distant than near. And the deep distresses of my heart have wrestled greatly with the reckoning of my mind. In this state of lostness, it has seemed like the normal stuff of life itself has been throwing one curve ball after another.

Do you ever wish you could press “pause” on life to just figure stuff out?

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the world does not come to a screeching halt every time we try to grapple with life, meaning, and God. Instead, in the midst of family, relationships, and responsibilities, we wade through some deep waters that feel as if they are going to drown us. And I don’t know about you, but it definitely feels like more than I can bare at times. Perhaps, in one way or another, you can relate with me. Whether it’s the demands of life, the big questions of truth and meaning that seem to shake your faith, a feeling of emptiness that is dark and cold – or all of it somehow lumped into one – you may be there with me in this season.

There’s a lot that we can say to one another in the midst of distress. And a lot of it is worth saying and needs to be said. But during this unique and trying season of life, I have been profoundly affected by hymns. They have a way of both expressing rich biblical truth and connecting you with saints of old who have also endured journeys through dark valleys. These songs, by the grace and Spirit of God, have been a means to encourage and persevere Christians long before you or I showed up.

Below is a hymn (How Firm a Foundation) that I’ve listened to at least 50 times this week (no exaggeration). We’ll also be singing it for the first time this Sunday. It has been gold for me this week! Is everything in my heart and mind resolved? No. But this hymn has reminded me of what is true. It has helped to anchor myself to God’s Word when I have felt like I’m standing on sinking sand. I’d encourage you to listen to it intently. Allow it to calm your mind and reassure your heart. I’ve also included some passages of Scripture below as a reminder to us that God is both near and faithful when we find life to be trying. Seven Mile Road, persevere in your faith, by the grace and power of God in Christ.

How Firm a Foundation

Here are two versions of How Firm a Foundation. We’ll be doing a hybrid version of the two on Sunday.
Version by Chelsea Moon & The Franz Brothers
Version by Sovereign Grace

Passages of Scripture

Proverbs 18:24; Hebrews 7:25
He is always praying for us and he is near.
John 10:27-29; Romans 8:31-39
Nothing can keep us from his love that will persevere our souls through life’s trials.
1 Peter 1:3-9; 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
While our griefs and doubts are great, our faith will one day realize its final outcome, when we are united with Christ, our treasure and our reward, for all eternity.

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