Multiplication Stinks

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  • April 04, 2014

Tonight, the Willow Grove GCM will be gathering together for one last time.

Our first gathering was in the summer of 2011 at Charley and Julie’s home. I remember sitting in their backyard that evening as we discussed our hopes and fears for this community. Most of us barely knew each other, but we shared honestly about our experiences in the past and our thoughts for the future. I’m sure we were all a bit skeptical – some of what we were saying seemed a bit “pie in the sky.” But we ran with it. And the Lord helped us to press on. We grew in size. We grew in maturity. We grew in love for one another.

And now we’re parting ways.

3 years later, our GCM, made up of 26 adults and 29 children, is multiplying. So tonight, we’ll meet once more at Charley and Julie’s place for dinner. I know there will be great food. I know there will be tons of laughter. But I also know there will be plenty of grief.

Cause in all honesty, multiplication stinks.

No one looks forward to multiplying. Who wants to forego the friendships, the comfort, and the momentum that we’ve experienced for the past few years? No one. And so as we prepare for this change, we would agree that it’s the last thing on earth that we would want to do.

Now, of course, there’s a rationale to why we’re multiplying. Practical reasons. Missional reasons. Spiritual growth reasons. Really good reasons. But reasons I’ll get to tomorrow. Because tonight, I don’t care to talk about those reasons.

Instead, we’ll enjoy a meal with one another. We’ll spend time thanking the Lord for this community. And we’ll leave the night agreeing on how much this stinks.


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About Binu Abraham

Binu lives in Willow Grove, PA with his wife, Sherin and two children (Sarah & Liam). He serves as a pastor at Seven Mile Road Church and primarily oversees the development of its community groups (GCMs). Born and raised in Philadelphia, he hopes to see his city being transformed by Jesus and His gospel. He also hopes to see all four of Philly's sports teams win a championship before he dies.

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