What About Our Sorrow?

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  • January 16, 2015

We are not immune to sorrow. Yes, knowing Christ gives us deep joy and hope both in this life and for the life to come. Yet, the here and now is often deeply troubling – and even crippling. So what happens when we don’t feel inclined to ‘rejoice in the Lord always‘? There must be a place for the hurting family who has lost a loved one, the downtrodden man who is struggling to make ends meet, or the woman who feels insecure when she looks in the mirror. For we who are sick, hurting, and in pain, can the church be a place where we can feel honest and be who we are without pretense?

This week, during song preparation for Sunday and the start of our new sermon series on Ruth, I came across an article by one of my former seminary profs. In it, he simply poses this question: What can miserable Christians sing? In the article, Trueman says, “A diet of unremittingly jolly choruses and hymns inevitably creates an unrealistic horizon of expectation which sees the normative Christian life as one long triumphalist street party—a theologically incorrect and a pastorally disastrous scenario in a world of broken individuals.” We know our lives are not picture perfect and are often marked by sorrow; and so do the Scriptures. Much of the Psalms gives us words and permission to be honest before God in the midst of difficult lives. To lament and admit to weakness is a difficult thing to embrace in our type of society; but what solace and rest we find at the feet of Christ when we meet him.

Here’s a link to a new song we’ll be singing on Sunday called Let Me Find Thee. Lyrics are below. I pray that as we grow in faith together over the years, that God would allow us not only to rejoice together in song and in life, but also to mourn and sorrow. May Seven Mile Road be a place where the broken, the lonely, the depressed, the hurting, the desolate, the sinner – indeed, where all of us, can find shelter in Christ.

Let Me Find Thee
By: Joachim Neander 

Behold me here, in grief draw near, 
Pleading at Thy throne oh King.  
To Thee each tear, each trembling fear, 
Jesus Son of Man I bring. 
Let me find Thee, Let me find Thee. 
Let me find Thee, 
Lord of mercy King of grace.

Look down in love, and from above, 
With Thy Spirit satisfy. 
Thou hast sought me, Thou hast bought me, 
And thy purchase Lord am I. 
Let me find Thee, Let me find Thee. 
Let me find Thee, 
Here on earth and then on high.

Hear the broken, scarcely spoken, 
Longings of my heart to thee 
All the crying, all the sighing, 
Of Thy child accepted be. 
Let me find Thee, Let me find Thee. 
Let me find Thee, 
Wounded healer, suffering Lord.

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