The Gospel-Centered Parent

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  • November 20, 2015

The Gospel-Centered Parent

“Our children are precious to us, so naturally we want to protect them and guarantee their safety and happiness. We want to get it right, so our children will be all right. But we live in a broken world where things don’t always (or never?) go as planned. Children make mistakes and, if they are honest, parents know they make mistakes too. So it’s easy for parents to live in fear, regret, confusion, and sometime hopelessness about parenting and the children they love. Is there a better way? Can you learn to live by faith, to trust the God who made you and your children with their past, present, and future? How can parents live by faith as they parent their children? These are questions that are best answered in community” (Rose Marie Miller)

The Gospel-Centered Parent is a 10-month study designed to explore a number of important topics concerning parenting within the context of community:

  • Trusting God to Build Your Family
  • The Parent as the Chief Repenter
  • Teach Your Child “On the Way”
  • Disciple by Faith, Not Frustration
  • Parenting through Prayer
  • When Your Child Disappoints You
  • Adventures in Kingdom Work
  • Walking with Your Family Through Suffering
  • Spiritual Warfare and Your Family
  • Perseverance and Hope

When and Where

Meetings will be on the dates below from 9:30am-11:30am. Childcare and light breakfast will be provided. Location will be determined each month and will be emailed to attendees beforehand.

  • January 9, 2016 (Chapter 1)
  • February 20, 2016 (Chapter 2)
  • March 19, 2016 (Chapter 3)
  • April 9, 2016 (Chapter 4)
  • May 21, 2016 (Chapter 5)
  • June 18, 2016 (Chapter 6)
  • September 10, 2016 (Chapter 7)
  • October 8, 2016 (Chapter 8)
  • November 12, 2016 (Chapter 9)
  • December 10, 2016 (Chapter 10)

Who’s Invited

The gatherings are discussion based (using The Gospel-Centered Parent as our guide), so we would like to keep the groups as small as possible, while giving many of you a chance to participate. At the beginning of each month, we will post a link (through FB and SMR email) allowing you to sign up for that month’s gathering. The group for each month will be comprised of the first 20 people to register.


There is not cost to participate. You will, however, be responsible to purchase a copy of the book.

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About Binu Abraham

Binu lives in Willow Grove, PA with his wife, Sherin and two children (Sarah & Liam). He serves as a pastor at Seven Mile Road Church and primarily oversees the development of its community groups (GCMs). Born and raised in Philadelphia, he hopes to see his city being transformed by Jesus and His gospel. He also hopes to see all four of Philly's sports teams win a championship before he dies.

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