Pray and Read: Two Resources to Help

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  • January 27, 2016

Prayer and reading. It’s the two things that many of us wish we did better.

At SMR, we talk often about how our beliefs are at the root of our actions (or lack of action). So we could dig deep down into your heart and consider what may be keeping you from prayer and reading (and that could be a huge help).

But maybe what you need isn’t one more instance of belief-examination, but instead some practical ways to turn your beliefs into action. If so, here are two resources that could help you in these disciplines:


This is an app for iPhone users (sorry Androidians – people still use Android?). ReadingPlan helps you track your progress as you read through the Bible. I’ve found this app to be helpful for the following reasons:

  • It comes with a large selection of reading plans. This allows you to chose a plan that fits your goals and preferences. Some options are to read the Bible thematically, chronologically, one book at a time, or within a year. The app also allows you to create your own plan if you don’t see one that you like. 
  • You can sync your reading plan across multiple devices
  • You can share your progress with another person for accountability
  • The app can send you notifications to remind you to read at any point during the day
  • You can easily see your progress within each book of the Bible


Available on both iPhone and Android platforms, PrayerMate helps you to organize prayer using categories. Here are some helpful features of the app: 

  • Create your own categories or subjects for prayer and even schedule different requests to be covered on a certain date or day of the week
  • Each prayer point shows up as an index card (where you can include details in paragraph form), and then you just swipe between them as you pray 
  • This app integrates Tim Kerr’s Take Word’s With You – a small book that contains 1600+ scripture promises and prayers to help us pray according to God’s word.
  • You can set up a daily alarm to remind you to pray
  • Since prayer topics can sometimes be sensitive, PrayerMate lets you set a numeric PIN code for privacy.

Hope these apps serve you well as you seek to grow in love for Jesus through prayer and reading.

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