Justice & Abortion: A Brief Word

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  • May 24, 2017

We preached on abortion this past Sunday and it was heavy. You can listen to the sermon here. From my perspective behind the pulpit, I saw many tears fill the pews and many sorrowful faces struggling to hear. Some of us may have been filled with emotion because anytime you talk about a topic like this, you can’t help but weep. But some of us may have been filled with sorrow, and perhaps intense guilt, because we have either encouraged or committed an abortion ourselves. I hope you heard the gospel of Christ spoken loudly over you that there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus (Rom 8:1)! That really is true!

The death of a child, whether through an abortion, miscarriage, after birth, or at anytime during the child’s life is a devastating and life changing thing. Sunday’s sermon could have been really hard to hear if you are in that place now or have been in the past. So we want to suggest two simple ways to help:

  1. Talk to one of your pastors. Please know that it is our desire to shepherd you through seasons of joy and sorrow. We don’t have all of the answers, but our hope is to point you in meaningful ways to the great Shepherd of our souls, Christ Jesus. We are happy to meet with you individually, with our wives or to point you to other brothers and sisters in the church that are happy to speak with you. So please, know that we are here. Call us, email us, pull us aside on Sunday – we are here.
  2. Talk to a counselor. There are Christian counseling services that could walk with you as you process the grief of losing a child. Two that we recommend are Oasis and CCEF. If you need further information about this, please reach out to us. You can also reach out directly to Sarah Enslen who is willing to talk with you more about this.

We know that speaking about these personal and difficult topics may cause grief and make you feel vulnerable. But it is in those moments of pain and hopelessness where God’s grace and comfort can be most known and felt. Rather than feeling the need to hold it all in, allow brothers and sisters in Christ to walk with you, to grieve with you, and to pray with you. Dear sister, dear brother – know that we love you and are with you – and most sweetest of all – God loves you and is with you.

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