Women of the Word Training Intensives

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  • September 05, 2017

The following is a message from Shainu Thomas & Colleen McFadden about Women of the Word.

We have an exciting opportunity for all our women at 7MR. Some of you have participated in the Women of Word track and many of you have attended the mini-retreats over the past two years.  It has been very encouraging to see our women growing in their love and desire for studying God’s Word. Many of you have expressed interest in learning how to study the Bible, both for personal study and/or discipleship with others. We are offering two workshops or Training Intensives this Fall. Here are the details:

WOW Training Intensives

What:  These training intensives will be held in a workshop format.  We’ll learn how to examine a passage in its context and how to find the main point of a text. We’ll discuss frameworks and how they shape our understanding of texts. We’ll also discover how each passage has a legitimate connection to the gospel and how it points to the cross.

When: October 7 and November 4 (9am-12pm)

Who Can Attend: All women at 7MR

Next Steps: Mark your calendars, and come!

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