There are three big words that are central to our existence at Seven Mile Road. They are the who, the what, and the why about us. Everything about our church seeks to be informed and shaped by gospel, mission, and community.


The Trinitarian nature of God is a mysterious but glorious reality. God is one and God is three. While that is hard to wrap our minds around, it does convey a beautiful truth. That is that God has forever existed in community. The Father and the Son and the Spirit have enjoyed perfect harmony and community from before the beginning. Then it doesn’t suprise us that we who were created in the image and likeness of God were created to exist in community. We were wired with a need for one another.

But the problem is that there are so many obstacles to experiencing genuine community. Selfishness alienates us. Race segregates us. Fear hinders us. Gossip destroys us. With all that stands between us and experiencing relationships as we were meant to, what hope do we have?

The gospel of Jesus.

At Seven Mile Road, we talk a lot about being a community rooted in the gospel. When Jesus died, He not only tore down the wall that separated us from God, but also the one that separated us from each other. The gospel holds the key to overcoming every obstacle that hinders us. Ultimately what most deeply connects the people at Seven Mile Road is not gender, or age, or ethnicity, or education, or socioeconomic status, or even a love for the Eagles. Ultimately the common bond is the gospel. In Jesus, we have discovered the love of God, the forgiveness of sins, the purpose of life, the joy of salvation, and the hope of heaven. Through Christ, we who were strangers, have become sons and daughters of God, and therefore brothers and sisters with each other.

Yet as closely-knit as we hope to be, God compels our small community to love the larger community and city that we are a part of. Therefore the door is always open and you are welcome to belong even as you investigate what you believe.