There are three big words that are central to our existence at Seven Mile Road. They are the who, the what, and the why about us. Everything about our church seeks to be informed and shaped by gospel, mission, and community.


God is the first missionary and has been on mission from the beginning. Moments after the rebellion of our first parents, God seeks them. They hide from Him, and yet He pursues them. As you read through the Scriptures you discover this same thing happening over and over again. Then and now, people are hurting, their souls are lost, and their world is broken. Yet God loving seeks us, to bind our wounds, to save our souls, and to heal our world. Ultimately this pursuit climaxes in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus is sent to our world on mission to redeem humanity through His death and resurrection. Incredibly, today we have been invited to participate in His mission. The Church, both universal and every local expression, is now the vehicle by which God pursues humanity. Our call is to communicate the incredible gospel of Jesus and to display the unimaginable love of God through word and deed.

Seven Mile Road exists because God has swept us up into His mission. So we’re trying hard to let that mission drive everything we are and everything we do. We exist not to be a social club where people “come and get”, but rather a community on mission who “go and give.” We’re asking every member of our church to see themselves as a missionary, sent to those around them with the message and mercy of Christ. Our prayer is that we might glorify God by ceaselessly loving and serving our homes, our neighborhoods, our city, and our world; ever engaging it toward its redemption.