Sermon Series: Citizens

“Even before heaven [Christ] commands us to make earth heaven, and while living on earth to conduct ourselves as citizens there.” Chrysostom (347–407 AD)

The Sermon on the Mount, a name given by Saint Augustine for the teachings of Jesus in Matthew 5-7, is the greatest and most well known sermon ever preached. In it, Jesus, having earlier announced that the kingdom of God had arrived through Him, gives His followers an unforgettable vision of what it looks like to live as citizens of that kingdom here and now. For the Christian, this is the constitution by which we now abide.

It is a vision so high and glorious that it will not be fully realized until it becomes the norm in the age to come. At the same time, it is not pie-in-the-sky or a picture of an ideal life in an ideal world, but kingdom life in a fallen world. Humbled because we fall short, yet empowered by the Spirit, Jesus’ followers are to live out the sermon in practical ways in everyday life. By doing so, King Jesus’ subjects will live distinct lives in the world in such a way that others are attracted to the King and His kingdom.

Seven Mile Road, Jesus is our King. We belong to His Kingdom and are its citizens. Therefore, let’s give ourselves to reading, studying, and memorizing the King’s speech. Even more, let’s give ourselves to living it.

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