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What is the ultimate Christian hope?

“To go to heaven when we die.”

After all, isn’t that what resurrection is all about?

Surprisingly, no.

The Christian hope is actually much bigger and wider than being evacuated from this world. Christians are not just believing the right doctrines and checking off the right theological boxes until their souls are airlifted from this doomed world. Instead, Christians are those who believe that God has not abandoned the world He created, but is on a mission to renew all things through the sin-conquering, death-defeating, resurrected Jesus Christ.

Believing in the resurrection of Jesus means that death and evil have received a fatal blow. They will no longer have dominion over our world, our physical bodies, or our lives. Jesus is Lord. Here. Now.

And His followers play a vital part in God’s project to bring about a new “resurrected” world. That means there is much work to do. Here. Now.

Over the next thirteen weeks, we will take a long sustained look at resurrection so that we can better understand what it means and why it matters. 2014 will be the year where Seven Mile Road Church celebrates Easter not once, but thirteen times!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ changes everything. It means we can die well because there is new life after death. But it also means we must live well because there is new life before death. Our hope is that this series will help us see both.

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