Pulled in and sent out. Assembled and dispersed. We gather and we scatter. This is the basic rhythm to life at Seven Mile Road. Sort of like breathing. Inhale. Exhale. Do either one without the other and you’re in trouble.

Coming together and connecting is huge at Seven Mile Road. Amazingly, the gospel of Jesus reconciles us to God and to one another. Part of connecting deeply with God is connecting deeply with His people. And so, building friendships with one another, eating together, worshiping together, being together – these are all things we do regularly and with great joy. We want to share laughs, sorrows, and life together. We’re shooting for an authentic community where we gather in large and small settings, formally and informally, to love, serve, and encourage one another. And yet as closely-knit as we’re hoping to be, we’re committed to being open, hospitable, and welcoming. That means there’s always room for more and you’re invited to gather with us.