Evidences of God’s Grace

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  • November 11, 2009

Evidences of Grace

In his book, Humility, C.J. Mahaney has this great section on identifying “Evidences of God’s Grace.” Here’s a brief excerpt of what he has to say:

Most people are more aware of the absence of God than the presence of God. Most people are more aware of the presence of sin than evidences of grace. What a privilege and joy it is in pastoral ministry and small-group ministry to turn one’s attention to ways in which God is at work, because so often people are unaware of God’s work. And much of God’s work in our lives is quiet; it’s not “spectacular.” It’s rarely obvious to the individual, and normally it’s incremental and takes place over a lengthy period of time.

So…I want to interact with everybody by identifying an evidence of grace, because if they are Christian I know God is at work in their lives. What a joy it is to discern where and how God is at work, draw people’s attention to it, and celebrate God’s grace in their lives! The fact that we get to do this—how cool is this?

God is working. God is very busy. God, give us the eyes to see how you are at work so we can identify that, draw people’s attention to it, celebrate it, and assign all glory to God for that work!

I read what Mahaney had to say many months ago and its truth continues to work on me. All around me, there are evidences of God’s grace and I want to be paying closer attention. At Seven Mile Road, there are innumerable places we need to grow and mature. But whereas my eyes tend to constantly be fixed in those places, God is showing me that there are also places of health. Places where it is evident that God is at work. Evidences of God’s grace, if you will. In coming posts, I’ll make sure to share some of those with you so that we can “celebrate it, and assign all glory to God for that work!”

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