A Chariot in Starbucks

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  • December 16, 2010

It’s pretty well known at Seven Mile Road that you will often find me working at Starbucks. The thinking is that if I’m going to be reading or working behind a computer, I can do that in an office by myself or do it where God may at least give me an opportunity to meet people. Being a regular somewhere allows you to build relationships and who knows when the Lord may cash in on your investment of time and give you an opportunity to extend the message and mercy of Jesus.

There’s a passage in Acts 8 where a believer named Philip is led by the Spirit to a man sitting in his chariot. It just so happens that the man was reading Isaiah 53 and confused about who the passage was about. Just then, God has Philip show up. The two get into a conversation and start talking about Jesus. As you read the story, it becomes obvious that God had been working in this man’s heart and had primed and prepared him for the gospel. It’s like all Philip had to do was show up. God had done and would do the rest.

I’m sitting at Starbucks and a woman sits in the chair across from me. After a few minutes, I look up from my computer for a moment and she asks me what I’m working on. Apparently I had an intense look on my face, and she guessed I was in some kind of sales or something. We start talking about work, life, marriage, children, family, faith, experiences with church – both good and awful. She was really sweet and begins to open up in a way that’s surprising for someone you just met. She asks me about Seven Mile Road. I get to tell her about Jesus, the gospel, community, and mission. After I finish talking, she tells me that she wasn’t planning to be at Starbucks that day. She was on her way to a job fair but turned her car around cause she felt like she needed a few minutes to just sit. She tells me that she’s been looking for a church, is glad she decided to stop in, and that maybe God had led her to do so. She took down my info and assured me that I’ll see her at Seven Mile one of these Sundays.

As always, I have no idea what will become of these stories at Starbucks. I was just reminded that the Spirit is still at work. He is still priming and preparing people. Seven Mile Road, there are people sitting in chariots all over this city. And sometimes, God will give us the honor of showing up.

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Ajay lives in Philadelphia with his wife Shainu and their kids Hannah and Micah. He is responsible for preaching and vision as a pastor at Seven Mile Road.

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