From the Baptism of Moses to the Baptism of Jesus

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  • June 24, 2011

Seven Mile Road, the first 15 chapters of Exodus…done. We ended part 1 of the Gospel According to Exodus on a crescendo. The freed people of Israel stand on the shores of the Sea while their enemies have been swallowed up. Think about the scene for a minute. Those waters represent their salvation. Into those waters were buried their slavery and bondage. They came up out of those waters into new life, freed, delivered, ransomed – a new people.

When the Apostle Paul thinks about the scene at the Red Sea, he calls it the baptism of Moses (1 Cor. 10:2). That what happened there on that day is analogous to what to happens when believers are baptized in our day. As we take a break from Exodus for part of the summer, we’re going from shore to shore. From the shores of the Old Covenant to the shores of the New, from Moses to Jesus, and from the waters of the Sea to the waters of baptism.

For the next three weeks, we’re doing a mini-series on the sacrament of baptism looking at:

1. How A Young Church Handles Theological Disagreement: We’ll look at how baptism has been a divisive issue throughout church history and even in our own background and experience. But before we talk about where we land, we’ll consider Acts 15 and how the early church handled theological disagreement. We’ll allow the Scriptures to shape the spirit in which we enter into this series so that like the church in Acts, we’ll come out of this theological issue in unity and joy.

2. Infant & Believer Baptism: We’ll consider the understanding and argument of our reformed paedobaptistic (covenantal infant baptism) brothers and sisters and why it is a logical and Biblically defensible position. Nevertheless we’ll talk through why we practice believer baptism focusing on the nature of the new covenant and the discontinuity between the Old and New Covenant communities.

3. Christian Baptism: Having explored what separates, we’ll end by celebrating what unites all Christians concerning baptism. We’ll look at what the Bible says baptism is and what happens when we get baptized.

If all of that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t panic. It will. Along with the series, we’ll also have time for Q&A after the service. Additionally, we’ll gather at some point mid-week for anyone who would like to talk more about baptism. If you have questions about baptism and/or whether you should be baptized, you’ll want to make sure to take advantage of this. Lastly, on July 31, we’ll  plan to have our first baptisms at Seven Mile, taking folks who have come to faith in Jesus and dunking them under the waters.

So that’s the plan. Please, please, please be prayerful. Pray for me as I get ready to preach. Pray for yourself and the people of Seven Mile Road as you get ready to hear. Pray that God’s Spirit would lead and guide us in the coming weeks. Pray for humility and unity and clarity. Pray for wisdom. Pray.

See you Sunday.

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