Feminism: Reflecting on Eve Set Free

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  • December 05, 2012

Two weeks ago, a dozen women from Seven Mile Road drove up to Boston to attend Eve Set Free – an event on Biblical womanhood hosted by our sending church. Here’s another reflection from the event.

By Tina Varghese: When I heard that there was a women’s conference in Boston, I immediately jumped on board to attend. All I could think of was freedom…I mean a chance to bond with others from SMR and…ok fine, to be free from my responsibilities from home and work. But God, in his sovereign will, had so much to show me and teach me especially at the conference.

Laurel Moran was the main speaker and addressed Feminism, how it is defined in our society and how women of faith should respond to feminism. As a full-time working mom of two, I was keen to hear how this topic is addressed through the gospel.

Feminism is defined as ‘the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social and economic equality to men.’ Women fight hard for this equality. There is this constant need of liberation and to pursue material things, others, and certain activities. If women have the freedom to do something or have something, then the expectation is recognition. With this recognition, there is a sense of freedom. However, this inward focus of ourselves results in anger, bitterness, and a toxic thought process that God is withholding from us. We then resist God. We fail to recognize that 1. We are all broken, 2. Sin is the root problem. I don’t deserve anything! And 3. Jesus is our solution. We are made one through Christ Jesus (Galatians 3:28).

Feminism addresses the need for power, position and influence in society. Women feel the need to prove their worth and this becomes their identity. Women trust in their own abilities in regards to marriage, parenting, etc. I felt God tugging on my heart at this point to pay close attention because I found myself going down this path. As gospel-loving women, we must hold that our identity is in Christ Jesus. I was reminded that our precious Savior set us free because He has accomplished it all through the cross.

Feminism addresses the entitlement of choice. In church, women tend to look for ways to see how the church can serve them. We must look to Christ who came to serve. He submitted to His Father’s authority to secure eternal joy for us in Him. We must ask ourselves: Do the choices we make show Christ’s authority? Do our choices serve Christ? Is Christ the judge or am I?

As women, how do we respond to feminism and how it is perceived by society? We must always repent and believe. We must recognize that Jesus is the only hope. Jesus = freedom.  Truth:  God owes us nothing. We are sinners and yet our heavenly Father has given us everything. In His perfect love, God has secured abundant life and joy for us.

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