By Name: We’re (not) done

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  • April 09, 2013

36 days later, many of us have stories to tell of our experiences in participating in the By Name initiative. Hurts that have been forgiven, strangers that have become friends, friends that have been re-engaged. For 36 days, many at Seven Mile Road prayed for God’s grace to break into the life of a friend/co-worker/family/neighbor/etc. We prayed that God would provide us with opportunities to share our life and the gospel with these folks. He has indeed responded… and we’re grateful. But we’re not done.

Our hope is that these 36 days would only serve as a precursor to a lifetime of praying for others… maybe even a lifetime of praying for the same person.

You see, when I consider even my own life, there were many who prayed. There were many conversations that occurred over many years. Not every interaction was the same. Some were simple. Some were challenging. But all were essential. In time, God used all of these glimpses of the gospel that I was being presented with (through other’s lives and words), to paint a beautiful picture of my Savior. And my life was never the same.

36 days later, maybe things don’t look much different in the life of the person for whom you have been praying. Maybe you even struggle to connect with this person in a meaningful way. May I encourage you to never stop? Continue to ask God for His life-transforming grace. Keep pleading that He would give you opportunities to share your life and faith. Never stop.

May our remembrance of God’s pursuit of us lead us to never stop pursuing others – as we pray and share our lives and the gospel.

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About Binu Abraham

Binu lives in Willow Grove, PA with his wife, Sherin and two children (Sarah & Liam). He serves as a pastor at Seven Mile Road Church and primarily oversees the development of its community groups (GCMs). Born and raised in Philadelphia, he hopes to see his city being transformed by Jesus and His gospel. He also hopes to see all four of Philly's sports teams win a championship before he dies.

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