Summer in the Psalms

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  • July 03, 2013

Last night, Binu, Dennis, Siby, and I were up burning the midnight oil prepping for our summer preaching series in the Psalms. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s coming in the next few weeks.


The Psalms teach us that every circumstance of life is an opportunity for worship. Through the Psalms, we are given vocabulary for worshipping God no matter what we are going through. Whether you find yourself happy, sad, victorious, defeated, in sin, under judgment, suffering – all of them are occasions for turning Godward. John Calvin noted that there is no emotion that anyone can be conscience of that you will not find represented in the Psalms. Our desire then should be to respond to God in all of life the way the Psalms do. So we need to hear the Psalms so that in due time we can speak the Psalms.


To allow the Psalms to help shape and mature our prayer lives. We preached on prayer last year, and yet at times, I still feel completely clueless when it comes to prayer. Perhaps prayer isn’t something you master but rather continually revisit and grow in. Preaching from the prayer and worship book of the Bible will be helpful for all of us.

To acquaint us with the Psalms. There are different categories of Psalms: laments, imprecatory prayers, wisdom, praise, thanksgiving, pilgrimage, confessions, messianic, etc. Though we will not be able to hit all of them, preaching one Psalm from five different categories will give us a flavor of the different Psalms. And in regards to prayer, it will help us see that prayer is relevant to all of life and anything but cookie-cutter or routine.

To give us an opportunity to grow in preaching. The Psalms will be preached by five different men from Seven Mile Road. This will help us to continue to raise up and develop more preachers. To that end, we have mapped out a thorough process to help each preacher maximize this opportunity. This includes studying the passage together, reviewing each person’s sermon outline/manuscript together, having each guy preach his sermon to the other four before they preach to the church, and giving feedback after they preach. So grateful for these brothers who work so hard to preach faithfully and well.


July 21:  Psalm 73 (Wisdom Psalm)
July 28:  Psalm 13 (Lament Psalm)
August 4:  Psalm 32 (Confession Psalm)
August 11:  Psalm 2 (Messianic Psalm)
August 18:  Psalm 150 (Praise Psalm)


We spent half the night trying to get Dennis to stop saying “Sams.” We’re hoping this will help.

Excited for the coming weeks.

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