Death of Death

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  • April 24, 2014

The gospel tells the story of who God is (Creator), who we were (image bearers), what we did (sin),  what we’ve become (fallen), what God has done (save), what that makes us (redeemed), and what awaits us (resurrection/glorification).

We never graduate from the gospel. Never.

Whether you’ve been a Christian for 5 decades or for 5 minutes, the implications of the gospel for the Christian life is like oxygen. If we drift away from the gospel or consider it to be what simply gets us in the door of Christianity, or treat it like the elementary school lessons of our faith, we’ve indeed missed the point of our faith completely. Why? Because the power of the gospel in Christ, at each moment of our lives, is what allows us to stand justified before a holy God and not collapse under the weight of condemnation for our sin. We’ll never rise to stand before God on our own merits. The more we know God, the more, not less, will the gospel become what sustains us.

Charlie Hall is a Christian songwriter who recently wrote a song called ‘Death of Death’. It was birthed out of his own realization that the splendor and beauty and primacy of the gospel had been lost on him. This song is a product of his attempt to more clearly articulate his confessions on the gospel – and we get to sing it this Sunday! Here’s a link to the song. Lyrics are below. See you then.


We can’t come to the Father without the Son
We can’t turn His wrath without shed blood
We brought nothing to the table that satisfied
We were naked and poor, deaf and blind

Man has sinned but God has saved
You rose and overcame the grave

At the death of death, where love and justice kiss
We were born to sin and only You forgive
In Your final breath grace and mercy win
At the death of death You died and rose again

We weren’t just drowning we were dead to the bone
You gave us hearts of flesh and took away the stone
The Word made flesh and love defined
You didn’t spare Yourself the Immortal One died



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