How Do We Approach God?

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  • September 26, 2014

Each Sunday at Seven Mile Road, we open our service with a Call to Worship. It’s easy for this time to seem unimportant or feel like filler. But it is during this time that we are reminded of why we get to gather before God in the first place.

For some of us, we walk in as though coming before God is a given. The wonder, holiness, and beauty of God has become less astounding to us over the years. We seem to forget a part of the gospel, in that, the sin of man, the sin of our lives, cannot stand before God because it completely antithetical to who He is.

And for some of us, we barely limp into service because we are so beaten down by life. The week has been difficult. Perhaps the presence of God seems to be the last place we should be in light of the sins we have committed. We seem to forget a part of the gospel that provides mercy and forgiveness and rest in Christ.

For all of us, it is the gospel that allows us to come. By his grace, somehow we stand before God because of Christ. We are invited in by the redeeming love of Christ. With his nail-scarred hands he draws us in and makes us worthy. When condemnation grips our hearts and Satan reminds us of our sins, the voice of Christ shatters our fears and reminds us that He fights for us and shields our souls for all eternity. We come boldly to the throne of God because of Christ.

Don’t let these amazing truths be lost on us. Don’t ever let is seem old and stale.

This Sunday we’ll be singing a new song at Seven Mile Road. See the video below and come prepared to sing before God. Come early so we can sing together, reminding each of God’s grace to us.

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Siby lives in Willow Grove, PA with his wife Stephanie and daughter Reagan. He serves as a pastor at Seven Mile Road Church. As a Philly native, it’s his deep hope and prayer to see the people of the city come to a saving knowledge of Christ. And he will never stop pinching himself after the journey leading to the first Eagles Super Bowl victory! ?

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