Big God = Big Faith

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  • February 24, 2015

Friend, can you tell me how big or strong is your faith?

I realize that this might be a very personal question, however, please do consider my question.

Maybe you define the bigness of your faith by the time you spend reading your bible, or the good works you’ve done recently, or how selflessly you have cared for another.

Maybe you sheepishly admit that it has been difficult to spend time with God, or that life has been too busy as of late, or that quite frankly, your faith does not need an assessment.

Rose Marie Miller, a missionary to the Sikh community in England, writes this in her book, From Fear to Freedom: Living as Sons and Daughters of God, “What you know about the power of Christ determines the strength of your faith. Know a little bit about Christ and his omnipotence, and you have weak faith; know more about Christ as sovereign Lord, and you have more faith; know a great deal about Christ, and you are on your way to having great faith (Matt. 8:5-13; 14:22-36).”

I see this as faith being directly proportional to one’s view of God.

Do you see God as a big God, who can do big things, and even something big like changing our hearts, then we will have big faith.

Do you see God as a small God, one who can be defined by us and does what we tell Him to and is capable of changing no one’s heart, then we will have small faith.

The way to see God in a big way is to pay close attention to the small things or details of your life, the mundane and ordinary happenings of your life.

Friend, do you see that God is involved in every minute aspect of your life? He is deeply involved in our failings, blessings, accidents, regrets, and transformations. There is nothing that God cannot do. And even when He chooses not to act, it is for our good (this is not a cop out for the things that don’t go our way as we pray, but an honest acknowledgement of God’s sovereignty).

Believe it friends, we serve a BIG God.

Photo Credit: Cheryl Jamison

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Princy is a member of Seven Mile Road church and is part of the Upper Dublin GCM. She is regularly astonished by what the Lord has done and is doing around her.

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