A Reflection On Our Mini-Retreat

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  • February 23, 2016

This post is by Colleen McFadden, a member at Seven Mile Road Church who leads our Women of the Word track. 

A little over a week ago, Women of the Word hosted the first in a series of three mini-retreats for women. Nearly 40 women gathered to sing, pray, read the Bible, hear the Bible taught, and discuss the text in order to apply it to their hearts. Many women from Seven Mile Road Church came and they brought friends to join in the the fellowship and study.

It was eye-opening to study the book of Habakkuk together. This little prophetic book tucked in the middle of the Bible has much to teach us today. We learned that as we cry out to God in a sinful world, God will judge the wicked yet save those who are in Christ. No matter what difficulties we have faced are facing or will face, we should be able to come to God crying out to him as we struggle to understand our reality and trust in His ways and His timing.

The two women who taught us, Shainu Thomas and Katie Branine, are participating in the Women of the Word training group. Since last September, I have had the privilege of leading this group of six women through training sessions on how to teach the Bible. We have practiced how to study a text well to understand the main point. We have listened to each other rehearse their talks before presenting publicly. We have even read books together to learn how to teach the Bible well. This training has equipped these women to lead others through the Word–and this is exactly what happened at the mini-retreat!

There will be two more mini-retreats to continue our study through Habakkuk. Mark your calendars for Saturday mornings on April 30 and June 4. We hope to see you in April.

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