Powerlines- Come Ye Souls by Sin Afflicted

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  • July 30, 2018

The following is from a series of blogs at Seven Mile Road called Powerlines in which members of Seven Mile Road discuss song lyrics or scripture verses that are particularly powerful to them and their story. This post is written by Princy Mathew as she reflects on the hymn, Come Ye Souls by Sin Afflicted.


A few weeks ago, we sang together Come Ye Souls by Sin Afflicted (Look to Jesus), and there was this line, “His commandments then become their happy choice” which made me wonder how obedience to God’s commandments could ever become our happy choice?

To me, the word ‘commandment’ carries a negative connotation; it is a strict demand.

For example, let’s take our Lord’s commandment in Exodus 20:3, “You shall have no other gods before me”.  I remember a time when this particular commandment made the Creator of the universe seem so insecure to me; that He needed us to worship Him, so that He could feel powerful. (I actually thought that my worship added value to the Almighty!)

However, as the years have passed on, God has opened my eyes to see how obnoxious I am!  But more importantly, that even so, He loves me! The Creator of the universe, the one who made every cell in my body, loves me even when I am obnoxious!  If not for His mercy towards us in giving this commandment, we WILL settle for lesser gods, like our family, friends, career, school, money, etc. He has allowed my stubborn, power hungry heart to be convinced that His commandments are not there to garner forced obedience from me so that He can feel powerful, but that only in obeying His commandments will I find complete joy and rest.

Friends, I hope this is as great news for your tired, unhappy souls, as it is for mine.  Aren’t we all searching for joy and rest? For peace and contentment? Well, search no more!  As only God can and will do, beg Him for eyes to see that He loves you, just as you are and for your hearts to be convinced of this great truth!


Princy Mathew is a member of Seven Mile Road Church.  She is happiest reading a book with a never ending cup of coffee in hand.  Sundays are her most favorite day of the week.

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Jimmy is a member of Seven Mile Road where he serves as story team coordinator and a bassist on the music worship team. He works as a pediatric critical care nurse while he studies to become a nurse practitioner.

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