On Sundays, we often sing together “Build My Life” by Housefires. There is a line in that song: “Open up my eyes in wonder”. Certain words catch my attention and percolate inside my mind, and the word ‘wonder’ has been one of them for quite a bit now.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘wonder’ as:

  • a cause of astonishment or admiration
  • marvel
  • miracle
  • the quality of exciting, amazed admiration, rapt attention or astonishment at something awesomely mysterious or new to one’s experience
  • a feeling of doubt or uncertainty.

Have you ever experienced wonder?

Certainly, we can all relate to the wonder of the recent double-doink miracle?

How about the vision of the sky when the first rays of sunlight peek through early dawn?

How about seeing one of the amazing sights of the world?

Or seeing the expanse of the ocean, how it seems to go on forever?


How about the wonder of…

  • being created in the image of God
  • God knowing each of us by our names
  • us knowing God

Living with wonder is like seeing in color.  Everything is so much more alive and beautiful when we allow our eyes and hearts to wonder! Wonder opens up possibilities that exist beyond our rational minds; we might even say that living with wonder allows us to step into hope.

Would you take a minute and think back to Testimony Sunday this year?  Remember, we heard from our brothers and sisters that God is powerful and able to break through the false beliefs about ourselves, that He transforms people and marriages, and even gives us courage to take the next breath when we want to end it all?

Didn’t hearing those testimonies leave you wondering about the power of God?

As we sing “He is worthy of every song we could ever sing, He is worthy of all the praise that we could ever bring, and He is worthy of every breath that we could ever breathe, may we live for Jesus”, may we never stop wondering about the awesomeness of God!

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About Princy Mathew

Princy is a member of Seven Mile Road church and is part of the Upper Dublin GCM. She is regularly astonished by what the Lord has done and is doing around her.

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