Parenting in the time of COVID-19 – Disappointments

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  • March 27, 2020

The following is written by Joe Thottukadavil. Joe is a member of Seven Mile Road church and runs the youth ministry.


This week, I got an email from my wife. Husbands, I don’t need to tell you that it is never a good sign to get an email from your wife. Even worse, I got this email from my wife during Covid-quarantine. The only time she could have wrote this was at night while I was sleeping. Not a good sign. Worst of all, the title of her email was ‘Disappointments.’ I hung my head low, held my breath and opened the email.

Much to my shock and joy, it had nothing to do with me. It had to do with our son. You see our first born is turning two digits this year. We were all looking forward to celebrating him with a big party with family and friends. She came to the realization, while I was sleeping and not thinking of anything, that we would not be able to celebrate like we planned.

I went into fix it mode saying, “It’ll be fine we will celebrate next year just as big.” I could tell Lisa was not happy with that response. She told me that she wanted to hear how the bible speaks to disappointments. She went further and said, “Our son isn’t the only child out there dealing with disappointments. Youth and parents need to hear what God has to say on it during this time.” As a parent, I thought to myself, let the kids suck it up with their small disappointments. Look at the adult situations and how grave they are right now. I have friends losing jobs and taking pay cuts. Parents everywhere need to teach their kids until who knows when. We have medical staff who are on the front lines dealing with this virus. I mean, people are dying and you are feeling bad about our youth missing birthdays, proms, graduations, sports, friends; how does that even compare?

I read this article on ‘Helping our kids through grief and disappointment caused by Covid-19’ by Kristen Hatton. I was corrected, humbled and equipped to help my kids. Parents, this time that we have with our kids is precious and ordained by God. Don’t harden your heart  to our kid’s “small” issues like I did. This is our moment to listen to their hurts/disappointments, show our kids we are always there for them, encourage conversation and share the truth of the gospel which can truly comfort them.

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Jimmy Hettinger

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Jimmy is a member of Seven Mile Road where he serves as story team coordinator and a bassist on the music worship team. He works as a pediatric critical care nurse while he studies to become a nurse practitioner.

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