Siby Varghese - September 5, 2010

A Greater Jonah

If you read the story of Jonah, his failures and flaws leave you wishing for a better prophet to fulfill God's mission. You're left longing for a better Jonah. Though it will take hundreds of years before this longing is fulfilled, it is fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus! Jesus, like Jonah, a prophet from Galilee, arrives on the scene and is better than Jonah in every way. Where Jonah despises God's call to save a sinful people, Jesus obeys God's call to save a sinful people. Where Jonah causes a great storm at sea, Jesus calms a great storm at sea. Where Jonah is saved and stands outside of the city hoping that it perishes, Jesus enters the city knowing that He will perish so that the city might be saved. In Jesus, we truly get a greater Jonah!

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