Every Christian is as a missionary, sent to  those around them with the message and mercy of Christ. Our prayer is that we would not simply exist for ourselves, but that we would glorify God by ceaselessly loving and serving the neighborhoods and cities in which we live; ever engaging it toward its redemption. Here are some examples of how we are currently seeking to do so:

Christ's Home for Children - Bucks County GCM

Christ’s Home For Children is an organization that seeks to serve children and youth who are in need or facing neglect. The organization provides a stable home where children are cared for medically, emotional, socially, and spiritually. The Bucks County GCM has been blessed to have regular opportunities to build relationships with the children and serve them by hosting activity days on-site. For more information on how to partner with the Bucks County GCM in serving Christ’s Home, please contact Tina Varghese

Home of the Sparrow - Main Line GCM

Home of the Sparrow serves single women and mothers with children who are struggling with homelessness or financial hardship. The program offers individuals safe housing, education, life skills training, services and resources to help bring stability to their lives. The Main Line GCM is grateful for the opportunity to get to know and serve these women and children through meals and events for fund raising. If you would like to partner with the Main Line GCM in this opportunity, please contact Sara Kuryan.  

Anne Frank Elementary School - Northeast GCM

Anne Frank Elementary School is located in Northeast Philly and educates children in preschool through fifth grade. With the many recent budget cuts that have plagued public schools in Philadelphia, Anne Frank finds itself lacking the essential resources and support necessary to fulfill its mission. The Northeast GCM is excited to partner with the school and bless the children and families of their neighborhood by providing for its needs. For more information on how you can help, please contact Brenda Daniel.  

North Hills Education and Recreation Program - Willow Grove GCM

North Hills Education and Recreation Program provides after-school programs (i.e. tutoring, discussion groups, etc.) and a summer camp for children living in the moderate to low income neighborhood of North Hills in Upper Dublin Township. The Willow Grove GCM enjoys serving the children of North Hills through tutoring, assistance with the summer camp, and hosting events on-site. To serve alongside the Willow Grove GCM at North Hills, please contact Soby Philip