Bombay Teen Challenge

As followers of Christ, we have been called to love our world. One of the ways that we are seeking to do that is by teaming up with the work of Bombay Teen Challenge (BTC) to fight human trafficking and sexual slavery. BTC is an organization that has been working in the Red Light District of Bombay for decades and is committed to rescuing victims, restoring lives, and stopping sexual slavery. Here are some of the ways we are seeking to partner with BTC to abolish the horror of modern day slavery:

Short-Term Missions Trips

Each year, we send a team of doctors, nurses, social workers, and IT professionals, to help run a medical clinic in the Red Light District. Listen to some of the stories here. Our goal is to continue to send over teams annually. If you would like to learn more about these trips, contact Dennis Mathew.


In addition to going overseas ourselves, members of our church also help to raise national awareness about this important issue. By supporting events in Philadelphia, Chicago, New York, and other major cities, we are working to raise awareness and funds to abolish human trafficking.  To learn how you can help, contact Dennis Mathew.



Our church has also had the tearful joy of sending some of our own to Mumbai. In September 2012, Jim and Leena, along with their three boys, moved to Asia in order to serve BTC full-time. Though we miss our dear friends, we are glad for how God is using them to bring light into darkness.