You were created for community.

We love Sundays, but community isn’t just experienced on a Sunday morning. Instead, it is during the six days in between that we get to live out our relationship to one another as the Church.

GCMs (Gospel Communities on Mission) are small, diverse groups that meet in homes all around our city throughout the week. GCMs are committed to growing in love for Jesus, living life in community, and furthering God’s mission in our own neighborhoods.

What are GCMs like?

Gospel Communities on Mission (GCMs) are designed to reflect the patterns of our life. We sometimes gather in homes, other times at cafés, and everything in between. When we gather as GCMs, it can include everything from studying the Scriptures and prayer to serving our neighborhoods or even watching the game while enjoying a meal. Our gatherings are not defined by a day and time, but by an intentional pursuit of God and people in everyday life.

Who should be interested in going?

Anyone. Each of us are wired to live in community and GCMs provide an opportunity to do just that. Whether you have questions about God or have been a Christian for years, GCMs provide an opportunity for you to learn more about Jesus and mature in your knowledge and love for Him and His gospel.

What is the typical makeup of a GCM?

GCMs are grouped geographically, but that’s about the only thing we have in common. Our communities are made of young and old, married and single, families with kids and college students. We love the idea of our communities being multi-aged, cross-generational, cross-cultural, and populated by people in all stages of their walk with Jesus.

When do GCMs meet? What is the level of commitment?

Each GCM has the flexibility to determine their own schedule and frequency, but generally, our groups meet twice a month as a larger gathering and the other weeks in smaller meetings called Discipleship Groups. These gatherings are intended to serve as a source of life and growth for those who attend. You can learn about the specifics for your GCM by contacting your GCM leader.

How can I join a group?

Our hope is to have people join the GCM that is closest to where you live. A list of GCMs can be found above. If you’re interested in joining a GCM, please contact Matt Aquilone to get connected with one of our groups.

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Gospel Stories

Bill & Tina Dischinger


“Being a part of a GCM is like having another family where you experience camaraderie, care, genuine concern, understanding and acceptance where Jesus is the glue that holds our GCM together.”

John & Lauren Lamp


“Our GCM and Discipleship Groups have been an integral point of connection to our SMR community,

and it’s amazing how we’ve been able to grow together and “do life” together in the gospel, even while most of this past year has been virtual. GCM and DG help keep the church’s gospel-centered teaching the focus of our everyday lives.”


Our GCM’S gather each week all across Greater Philadelphia.